Thursday, November 29, 2012

Three questions on employee retention

3 important employee retention questionsSo, change.

Who isn't going through a restructure? Planning one? Recovering from one?

Hands up if you think your restructure went swimmingly and all staff are much more engaged and productive as a result.


A few years ago, as part of my MBA, I had to take a change management course: I didn't want to but it was the only subject available over summer. And I only remember one thing. But it's good!

If you want to get people to come along on the change process with you, they're going to ask you three questions and if you don't answer those questions, they're just not coming along with you.

The first question they'll ask you is 'How will this change affect me?'

The second question they'll ask you is 'How will this change affect me?'

The third question is 'How will this change affect me?'

We just don't like uncertainty, do we? The more effort we put into shepherding people through change, the more likely they'll come along on the process with us.

In our managers' engagement program we identify 14 disengagement events that affect employee retention, and changing employee's team and managers are two of the most common triggers.

Have you ever seen a change process work really effectively? What was the secret? What's your worst change experience?

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