Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Human resource management - diagnosis and cure!

Diagnose your human resource management strengths and weaknessesSo, there I am at the doctor,

She took blood, blood pressure, wrote a prescription, organised some tests (nothing serious).

Diagnosis, cure.

Imagine if I went to the doctor but instead of seeing me, she asked a few random people what they thought might be wrong with someone like me. Imagine if she Googled a list of things most commonly wrong with women my age (39+, thanks for asking).
Imagine if she thinks that hot stone therapy works for anyone who isn’t well.

I’m not going to get any better, am I?

Rather than spending time assessing the evidence that the patient can provide, my doctor would be doing what a lot of organisations do to solve turnover problems: act without proof.

Diagnosing your turnover and disengagement causes requires cold, hard facts. And they’re available, believe me.

Have you seen organisations put ‘solutions’ in place to wrongly diagnosed problems? Why do organisations demand data for almost every other decision, except the ones affecting their employees?

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