Monday, January 28, 2013

Don't bank on it with employee retention!

Employee retention & piggy banksSo, I was training in Bangkok earlier this year and we had attendees from Singapore, Brunei, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and Thailand in the room. It was a great mix!

But a funny thing happened that showed me the differences that we sometimes don’t acknowledge exist.

We were working through the usual company policies and practices that might (inadvertently) encourage employee to resign.

For example, some organisations require an employee to inform their supervisor if they want to put in for an internal promotion. However, sometimes employees don’t want their boss to know they’re dissatisfied, and it’s easier to resign than to keep working for your boss if you don’t win that promotion.

One of the training participants representing an Islamic bank thought for a bit then he said ‘Well, I think the policy we have that our employees can’t marry each other, maybe that’s not helping recruitment and retention’.

You think?!

That policy may no doubt be right for a conservative business in a conservative country, but they’ll have to accept higher turnover and maybe a different calibre of candidate in the first place.

Have you become aware of policies or practices inside your business that (inadvertently) might make employees resign?

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