Thursday, January 17, 2013

Keeping track of staff turnover

So, a few years ago, we worked with a national retailer and we started reviewing their exit and entry data. We wanted to find out why people were resigning.

Was it job shock?
Was it adverse onboarding?
Was it unmet learning expectations?

You need to keep track of your staff turnoverOne of our analyses involves looking at how employees enter the business, then we compare that to how long they stayed and how well they performed.

We need to understand which recruitment source delivers the best employees.

We found something so shocking that at first we couldn’t believe it.

We found that over 60% of the applicants who entered that business came in via a popular online job site.

And then we found that over 80% of the employees who resigned… had entered via that online job site.

An over-reliance on that source of candidates actually accelerated the pace of resignations!

Why? Because the ads were not accurate, the process focused on speed and efficiency, not effectiveness and the company missed out of recruiting people from other sources that resulted in longer-tenured and higher-performing staff.

Where do you candidates come from? Which recruitment source delivers longer-tenured and higher-performing people for you?

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