Friday, May 31, 2013

Bobs shows us how quickly employee engagement can decline!

Here is Bob thinking about employee engagement So Bob jumps in to his first big role at a well know company believing he can climb his way to a management position. He believes if he works hard, trains and shows competence he will eventually achieve his goal.

Great from the employers perspective. They have a fresh, motivated employee with bags full of drive.

One year later Bob reaches the stage where he feels  more than capable of taking on the next step of becoming a manager. The organisation agrees.

But there is one problem.... no positions are available and probably wont be for at least 12 months. Bobs level of engagement starts to decline. He arrives late from work, and when he is there his work becomes sloppy. He then either leaves or drags his heels for 12 months.

SO, how can organisations protect themselves against these circumstances?

Wouldn't it be great to forsee these circumstances and give your organisation a fighting chance of keeping Bob (an asset to the company no doubt) and to put strategies in place to maintain that level of engagement through the next 12 months? Now that would be a win win situation.

Bob represents tens/hundreds/thousands of employees.

It is essential to have an engagement strategy.  Outsource your employee engagement survey to get honest feedback from your employees.

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