Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bombs away!

So, who would you least like to get a resignation from? And who’s really likely to give you one?

If an employee is valuable AND a serious flight risk, we call them ‘Bombs’: they’re going to cause serious damage to your business when they go off.

It’s hard to stop employees leaving once they’ve made their mind up to go. So if your efforts at retaining the person have eventually failed, we can still retain their knowledge, or at least, some of it.

We’ve come across so many great ideas about Bomb protection. Here’s what a few organisations do to capture the key skills of their Bombs:

  •   Ensure that two people work with the most important clients, so that the client doesn’t follow the Bomb to the next employer
  •  Have regular team/Tool Box/Lunch and Learn sessions to pass on practical information and skills
  • Enforce a policy that the only people eligible for promotion are those who    have groomed someone ready now/ready in 6 months to take their place

What knowledge transfer ideas do you put in place, so that Bombs become less of a risk to your business? How do you capture knowledge inside the business so that the replacement starts from a higher base?

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