Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Who died and left you in charge?

So, many years ago, I worked with a client in the printing industry. They had a huge site at Alexandria in Sydney and lots of really skilled printers working the machines there.

And one of the senior operations people said something to me I’ve never forgotten.
He said ‘When we promote our best printer to supervisor, we’ve just lost our best printer and got our worst supervisor’.

Because the guy was hopeless as a supervisor? No, because he’d been taken away from a job he excelled in and was given new responsibilities that he had no training for!

And isn’t that what we do, as a matter of course? Find the best person and promote them out of that job into one they’re (usually) completely untrained for and inexperienced in.

And when you think of the huge influence managers have over their teams, we wonder why teams can become unstable or underperforming.

What do you do that sets your new managers up for success? Do you look for particular criteria when selecting managers that might result in more successful managers?

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