Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Getting what you want and employee engagement

So, there’s a very quotable person called Homer. Heard of him?

No, not Homer Simpson but good try.

I actually mean Homer Hudson, the ice cream maker.

Haven’t you heard of them??! Get yourself some of their ice-cream and you will never regret it. As my niece says ‘OM double G!!’

Employee engagement is having a lot of what you like
On every Homer Hudson container, they set out the 2 rules for retention.

They mean customer retention, of course. "How do we ensure our customers keep coming back for more?" But the same 2 rules apply to employee retention. Or boyfriend retention. Wife retention. Member retention. Fan retention.

Rule #1: Find out what they like.

Rule # 2: Give them a lot of it.

That’s it!

We’re not in the ice cream business but we sure are in the "finding out what employees want" business. 

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