Friday, December 7, 2012

Oh the humanity!! Hot desk and employee survey

So, it’s sometimes necessary to re-organise our office space into efficient layouts, especially when rents are high. How to make our floorplan accommodate all our people?
The burning questions in an employee survey
One idea that seems to be popular in some organisations is hot-desking.

Employees can store paperwork and computers at a central storage area at the office, but the desk spaces are communal – each day you’ll probably be working somewhere else, alongside someone else.

Kind of like that message on airlines: ‘Even though you may fly regularly, each time you board a plane, you’ll probably be sitting in a different seat’.

And that’s okay for the odd weekly or monthly flight to another city.

But if you were flying every day, and everyone else on the plane was flying with you to the same destination every day, wouldn’t you want to figure out who likes to sit where, who doesn’t like the window seat, who needs to chat with whom?

It’s not only a basic human need, it’s a basic sentient need: most species form a habitat comprised of shelter, routine and safety. Only humans put a premium on doing what’s cost-efficient to discourage people from forming and building interpersonal connections at work.

Do you use hot-desking? Have you seen it work?

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