Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sickening problems with employee turnover

employee turnover and sick employees
So in Melbourne the other day, I talked with an organisation who had a sickening problem.

They had a core of really great staff. And then they had a small cohort of employees who gamed the system. They knew how much sick leave was unassessable, when the union would get involved, at what stage doctors certificates were required, who the ‘good’ doctors were, when the first written warning would come etc, etc.

That business had some employees with up to 250 sick days a year.

And it was the ones who turned up every day who bore a larger burden, and it’s hard to explain to a hard worker why their reward is more work.

That organisation is staring in the face of a domino effect: ‘Why should I show up when he/she doesn’t have to?’

Have you faced difficulty getting on top of absenteeism? How did you cope? Or were prevailing circumstances, history and accepted practice too hard to overcome?

What if your employee turnover consisted of loosing your key employees as a result of retaining the plodders?

Wouldn't you like to pinpoint problem areas in your organisation? 

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