Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nothing but the truth in an exit interview!

Getting the truth in an exit interview
So, we do exit interviews, all the time.

We talk with employees who’ve decided to leave our clients.

And we hear it all. These honest conversations would sometimes break your heart.

The man who, after a restructure, decided to resign rather than have his wife think he had been demoted.

The young bloke who actually had the guts to put up with the bullying but couldn’t stand being told to ‘suck it up’ by his boss.

The loooooong term employee (42 years) whose last day wasn’t a party but a handover of swipe cards and a ‘You still here?’ from the security guard.

When we’re asked to take over the exit interview and reporting process, we’re always keen to find out why – what’s the client currently doing that’s not working?

And we do laugh when we discover that when employees complete an internal exit interview, the most popular reason for resigning is…

Go on, guess!

It’s ‘Other’.

That’s right. ‘None of the above’.

Now if I’m in charge of reducing employee turnover and 56% of people leave for ‘Other’ reasons… what am I supposed to do with that??

So please, please outsource your exit interview process, to us or to anyone that’s just not you! This is a great chance to discover what policies and practices to change to attract and keep great people.

Do you think your employees tell you ‘nothing but the truth’ in your exit interviews? Would you?

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