Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Start at the beginning with an employee survey

Employee survey from the start
Of course, you try to ensure your recruitment processes are best practice but what if they're not? How would you know?

We once worked with a client that advertised jobs for this role as an "outdoor job" and they couldn't work out why so many of their new recruits were leaving after 3 - 6 months. When we spoke to the new recruits it became obvious. They were being attracted by the outdoor component of the job but the reality was that half the role was working inside doing repetitive tasks.

Once they made changes to the advertisement to make it more accurately reflect the job, tenure increased because the organisation began attracting candidates that were prepared to do both parts of the job!

It is an important part of the recruitment process to get feedback from new recruits about:

1. How accurate was the recruitment advertisement in its portrayal of life on the job?
2. Did the recruitment process make you feel your application was valued by the company?
3. What additional communication would you have liked?
4. What could be improved about the interview process?
5. What other improvements could be made to the recruitment process?

Does your organisation have a process for capturing feedback about your recruitment process? An employee survey? Have you ever been asked about your experience when you have started working with an organisation?  We're looking forward to hearing your stories!

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