Friday, February 8, 2013

Capturing key data in an exit interview

Exit interview when employees leaveThis week’s subscriber tip looked at 3 things that are vital to capturing great data and one of them was honesty.
One of our core services is conducting exit interviews on behalf of our clients. Why do organisations get us to do this? Because no one likes to burn bridges and when employees resign, they are prepared to be more honest with us. 

We have seen over and over again data collected inhouse doesn't relay the whole story. 
One way of knowing that your exit data isn’t as honest as it could be is there will be a high proportion of employees that say they are leaving because they had a better job/offer. But you need to find out what made them LOOK for another offer. That’s where the real truth lies!
How do you ensure your exit interview responses are honest? How do you ensure confidentiality? We’re looking forward to hearing about your exit interview processes!

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