Thursday, April 25, 2013

Exit interview & understanding the employment experience

The purpose of an exit interview is to understand the entire employment experience

In addition to understanding the reasons behind their resignation, the interview should be used to gain feedback from an employee who has experienced an entire employment cycle with you.

These are the main questions to ask.

1.  What attracted you to the organisation originally?

2.  And which of your expectations were met here?

3.  And which expectations were not met?

4.  How would you describe the organisation to a friend who was thinking of working here?

5.  What was great about working here?

6.  What wasn’t so good about working here?

7.  What was the main reason you decided that you didn’t want to stay here any longer?

8.  What’s the main thing you would have liked your manager to do differently?

9.  Would you consider working with this organisation again?

 Each question’s results will go to amending a specific policy or practice which will improve future recruitment and retention.

Also include a tick-a-box section to capture the demographics of each interviewee. For example, you might include gender, age groups, business units, performance ratings, role level. That means you will be able to isolate the interviews of particular groups (women or sales people, for example) to find out the main themes affecting them.

From an administrative perspective, you will also want to include information such as your name and the month of resignation. There is no need to include the employee’s name because this interview is confidential and is conducted so as to get a macro sense of the policies and practices which need to change.

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