Friday, May 24, 2013

Increase employee motivation to participate in interviews

Employee motivation and increasing interview participation 

High participation rates enable the organisation to view themes across groups of employees. The more interviews, the more solutions become obvious!

Here are suggestions to increase participation:

·      Rename the exit interview the ‘employment study’ to remove it from the sometimes negative connotations attached to exit interviews

·         Extend the period for interview up to three months past the employee’s final employment date

·         Ensure managers or HR maintain up to date contact details in order to conduct interviews post-employment 

·         Guarantee confidentiality. No individual’s feedback is provided to a manager unless requested by the employee. Managers can only access aggregated data

·         Send a reminder email to the employee before departure to encourage their participation in the study after they leave

·         Provide a letter to employees before they depart that explains that they will be contacted for inclusion in an employment study

·         Send out general reminders on a regular basis to managers reminding them about the value of understanding improvements through employee participation in the interview

·         Communicate the new process to all staff. Ask senior management to publicly support the new approach using existing communication systems such as all-staff emails, employee newsletter or staff meetings

Publicise quick wins or improvements achieved because of exiting employees’ feedback.

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