Friday, June 28, 2013

Staff turnover -what does it really mean?

What is staff turnover costing you?Yes, we can calculate the amount of staff that have joined this year, and left this month, and the total that have joined and left over the last 5 years. But what does this all really mean to your organisation and what are the implications?

Lets take Donald for example. Donald is managed by Rufus and has been trained by him for well over a year now. Donald decides he wants to leave. The organisation now has to find a replacement for Donald. Rufus now has to spend the next training that replacement up to the point of where Donald left. How much headway have they made? 

It sounds like an old maths question from school exams. But the point is how much time has Rufus lost? How much has it cost the recruitment department in finding a replacement?  How much has it cost the Payroll department to train the replacement up? 

These are all questions and answers you need to know.

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