Monday, October 28, 2013

Strategies for employee retention

We recently conducted a study in an organisation that seemed to be loosing staff every month.

Strategies for employee retention can help you

Now we have talked in the past about the knock on effects of employees leaving. Cost is a significant one and that comes in many different forms. But one of the most interesting themes that ran through this study was the concern about job security.

Staff turnover in this case was breeding staff turnover. Employees were feeling unsettled watching a new employee walk out the door each month which consequently lead to their own resignation. Now there were factors in between this of course, but there is a lesson here. Employees want to feel secure in their job. The more people they see leave the more insecure they feel.

Many factors affect employee retention. Its always a good idea to have a look at employee retention strategies within your organisation as we know all too well. It can get out of control very quickly!

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