Wednesday, August 7, 2013

An employee survey can be specified & diverse!

Employee survey doesn't just have to mean 'interview a sample of your entire staff population'. It can be broken down in to many variations and aspects of the business. For example we often do studies for clients that want to know why certain areas of the business are loosing staff or why females have such a high turnover rate or why they cannot retain Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander employees.

Recently a client came to us after finding they were losing a number of female employees once they hit the 3 year mark. They had done some internal investigations with no substantial outcomes. We conducted a study and found these women simply had no role models.They couldn't see how they might manage work/life balance once they had a family or how they might actually make it to the Top Executive level because there was no one doing it.

You must find out what your staff want/don't want in order to make necessary changes.

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